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Abstain From Making These 5 Mistakes While Exhibiting in Europe

Exhibitions are vital for exhibitors to enhance their brand’s impact and increase their clientele. So, if you’re planning your participation in European trade shows, make sure that you collaborate with an experienced exhibition stand builder who can help you achieve your exhibiting goals. If you’re a frequent exhibitor, you must know how exhausting it is to plan your exhibition participation and how real the struggle is to find a perfect exhibiting partner. Meanwhile, first-time exhibitors might not know all about trade fair participation and are bound to make some mistakes.

So, we are here to help you understand the mistakes that you can avoid to make your exhibition participation a productive one:

  1. Exhibit planning at the eleventh hour: The most important thing about trade fairs is that they need proper and detailed planning to experience success. You couldn’t be more wrong if you think you can plan your exhibition at the very last minute. You should start planning your exhibit as soon as you finalize the trade fair that you’re participating in.
  2. Aggressive sales pitch: Know that every trade visitor at the show is a potential buyer. So, rather than making an excessively strong sales pitch, try to indulge them into knowing your brand more. You don’t have to act like an aggressive salesman. Just talk to your prospective clients on the show floor to make them interested in understanding your product/service more instead of just being a salesperson. Try to understand what your target audience is looking for and prepare your sales pitch accordingly.
  3. Well-trained booth staff: Your exhibition stand staff will be representing your brand at the show. So, make sure that they are well trained and know their respective duties at the booth before the event starts. Your booth staff should have proper knowledge about your brand and the products and services presented on the trade show floor. Your exhibit must have a sufficient amount of staff members at all times to answer all types of queries of your prospective customers. Customers would be more drawn toward your booth if your staff seemed to be approachable, amiable, knowledgeable, professional, and cheerful.
  4. Messy exhibition booth: In order to compel your target audience to your booth, you need to have a tidy exhibition booth with enough room to roam around. One of the finest things you can do to avoid cluttering your booth space is to select space-saving furniture for your exhibit and keep it neat and clean.
  5. Improper lighting: Lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing the entire appeal of your trade show display.  If your booth has bad lighting or isn’t properly lit, you tend to lose a lot of potential buyers as they won’t be interested in your product/service but a properly lit booth may entice your prospective customers to visit your stand. There are plenty of lighting options available on the market that you can select to illuminate your exhibition booth, such as backlights, spotlights, display lights, banner lights, etc. Properly using these lights in your exhibition booth design can potentially increase your ROI.

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