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All About Euro Bus Expo Trade Fair 2024

Introduction to Euro Bus Expo 2024

Euro Bus Expo 2024 is the premier event for the bus and coach industry, set to take place in Birmingham, UK. This event is a must-attend for anyone involved in the bus, coach, and mini-vehicle sector. From operators and local authorities to suppliers and enthusiasts, the Euro Bus Expo offers a unique platform to explore the latest products, innovations, and services in the industry.

Event Details

  • Date: 12th - 14th November 2024

  • Venue: National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham, UK

Why Attend Euro Bus Expo 2024?

Discover Cutting-Edge Innovations

At Euro Bus Expo 2024, you'll get an exclusive look at the latest bus and coach technology advancements. From electric and hybrid buses to state-of-the-art passenger amenities, this trade fair showcases the future of public transportation.

Networking Opportunities

Euro Bus Expo is an excellent opportunity to network with industry leaders, decision-makers, and peers. Engage in meaningful conversations, forge new partnerships, and strengthen existing relationships to drive your business forward.

Educational Seminars and Workshops

The event features a series of educational seminars and workshops by industry experts. Gain insights into the latest trends, regulatory changes, and best practices in the bus and coach sector. These sessions are designed to provide valuable knowledge to help you stay ahead in the industry.

Exhibitors and Products

Euro Bus Expo 2024 will host over 300 exhibitors worldwide, showcasing a wide range of products and services. These include:

  • Buses and Coaches: Explore a variety of new and improved bus and coach models.

  • Technology Solutions: Discover cutting-edge technology solutions for fleet management, passenger information, and more.

  • Accessories and Components: Find essential accessories and components that enhance vehicle performance and passenger comfort.

  • Maintenance and Repair Services: Learn about the latest maintenance and repair solutions to keep your fleet in top condition.

Who Should Attend?

Euro Bus Expo 2024 is ideal for:

  • Bus and Coach Operators: Discover the latest vehicles and technologies to improve your fleet.

  • Local Authorities and Government Officials: Learn about innovations and policies impacting public transportation.

  • Suppliers and Manufacturers: Showcase your products and connect with potential buyers.

  • Industry Enthusiasts: Stay updated on the latest trends and advancements in the bus and coach sector.

Plan Your Visit

  • Travel and Accommodation: Birmingham is well-connected with major cities and has many accommodation options near the NEC. Plan your travel and stay in advance to make the most of your visit.

  • Registration: Pre-register online to avoid long queues and gain quick access to the event.

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